The New Year

from by Ben Beltran

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Oh I'll start a riot
start to write and buy a little time
Oh i'll start to rot
if I don't start to find another star

I'm melting down
I'm screaming every night I'm going mad
I'm always hot
I'm getting tired of the yearlong summer

need another hobby keep my fears a little foggy and away
Because trying to keep the dream alive is just a lost campaign

Oh I'll clean the house
and feed the cat and get a little noisy
Make some tea
and find a blanket get a little cozy

Find a movie
and forget about the world around me
Say I'll call you
change my mind and later wish I hadn't

Think of something funny send a message so you know that I'm ok
Write something dramatic so you really know this time's a living hell

I'm only trying for your attention
But I won't lie, there is no question:
This selfish year has left me lost at sea

No I won't hide my worst intentions
To stay alive through this infection
I know you're only trying to do the same

I'll start asking you
of all the thing I know you haven't told me
We'll make excuses
wake up late and we'll keep feeling lonely

It's not you
It's not me either It's this stupid journey
We just talk
to hide the fact we both were feeling horny

We don't make sense of all this, we don't say anything at all
We're only going through the motions, and we know there's nothing wrong

These few moments of affection
Closest thing to real perfection
This is just as far as we can go

And this year ain't getting younger
Bursting in sweat tears and anger
Hoping that next year we can go home

Oh you'll start a riot
start to write and buy a little time


from Fisken, released January 16, 2017




Ben Beltran Guadalajara, Mexico

I once fought a wizard and won; enthusiasm enthusiast; noise emitter; low standards; displaced borderling; amateur witch doctor; power ranger; certified cat whisperer; 98% water.

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