Pigeon Folk

from by Ben Beltran

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I remember days back home
by when the beating heat had gone
where we lay calmly under pillow forts
and watched reruns or hit on the controls
the hours lasted years, some centuries ago

When we rushed the days like accidents
Around you I was at my best
I never had the precedents
No seconds lost to hesitating doubt
And now each step gets closer to hysteria

So what if I still hold on to us
So what if I'm still holding a grudge
So what if I'm still of your religion
there's not many signs of grace up in my stars

Now all these pigeon folk that hang around
they make it hard to figure out
the bricks that mark the passageway
the godly from the pleasant enemy
I still can't jump down from their wings

So maybe yes you're right, in all these amulets
I only want to find
a string connecting everything behind me
In a picture
in a song
and in alarm

So I remember days back home
before this beating heart went cold
where we sat lonely in your doorstep
and we couldn't say exactly what was wrong
we were only flesh and blood.


from Fisken, released January 16, 2017




Ben Beltran Guadalajara, Mexico

I once fought a wizard and won; enthusiasm enthusiast; noise emitter; low standards; displaced borderling; amateur witch doctor; power ranger; certified cat whisperer; 98% water.

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